Kyle Seaford - about Me


In the realm of technology and computer sciences, I proudly introduce myself as an adaptable, enthusiastic, and highly responsible individual.
My journey in this field has been nothing short of a passionate odyssey.
It's the kind of journey that ignited my deep-seated love for computer technology, driving me to continuously explore its vast and ever-expanding horizons.

Adaptability is one of my hallmark traits. The fast-paced nature of technology demands the ability to swiftly embrace new concepts and methodologies.
This is where my adaptability comes into play.
It allows me to dive headfirst into the latest technological trends, adapting to them with ease, and leveraging them effectively.

But it's not just about embracing change; it's about staying ahead of the curve.
Enthusiasm is my guiding light in this respect. It fuels my relentless pursuit of knowledge and my commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and innovations.
Whether it's learning a new programming language, delving into cutting-edge developments in the tech world, or experimenting with emerging technologies, my enthusiasm keeps me in the vanguard of technological progress.

Responsibility is another cornerstone of my character. When I undertake a task, I approach it with the unwavering commitment to deliver quality results.
This commitment is not just a professional obligation but a personal standard.
It drives me to exceed expectations and ensures that the work I produce is nothing short of excellent.

Moreover, my passion for computer technology isn't confined to my professional life alone.
It's a genuine interest that transcends the boundaries of the nine-to-five grind. Beyond work, I'm driven to explore, innovate, and tinker with technology.
It's the kind of passion that leads me to experiment with side projects, develop personal tech solutions, and dive deep into the intricacies of computer science.

In a dynamic and ever-changing field like computer technology, my combination of adaptability, enthusiasm, and responsibility empowers me to thrive.
It's not just about staying afloat in the sea of innovation; it's about riding the waves of progress and making a meaningful impact in the digital realm.

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Contact me

If you wish to get in touch, feel free to email me at:
or if you are interested in buying a website or any other work please email me at:
I'm also open to sharing my phone number, so please don't hesitate to drop me an email, and I'll be happy to connect.

Kyle Seaford - My Education


Tytherington school school

During my time at Tytherington School, I graduated in 2023 with notable achievements in my GCSE exams.
Here's a breakdown of my academic accomplishments:

In GCSE Computer Science, I secured a grade 4, reflecting my proficiency in technology.
GCSE Business Studies awarded me a commendable grade 4, highlighting my understanding of entrepreneurial principles.
GCSE Design and Technology also recognized my efforts with a grade 4, showcasing my skills in this creative field.
I proudly attained a Level 2 Merit in CNAT Creative iMedia, a testament to my creativity and digital competence.
The complexities of scientific exploration were met with success as I achieved a 5-4 in GCSE Combined Science.
My mathematical aptitude shone through with a solid grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics.

While I encountered challenges in subjects like GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature, I approached them with resilience and determination and still passed.
My journey at Tytherington School not only built a strong academic foundation but also instilled values of continuous learning and perseverance that will guide me in my future endeavors.

Macclesfield college school

I'm currently enrolled in a comprehensive T Level program focused on Digital Production, Design, and Development.
Within this program, I've had the opportunity to gain extensive hands-on experience across various facets of the digital realm, including programming, web development, and digital marketing.
The cornerstone of this program is the invaluable industry placement, which has provided me with deep insights into the professional digital landscape.
Through this experience, I'm actively honing both my technical competencies and employability skills, all of which are pivotal in preparing me for a highly successful career in the ever-evolving digital field.
This T Level program is equipping me to emerge as a proficient and adaptable professional ready to thrive in the dynamic digital industry.


I have done some course online and in-person, these consist of:

Artificial Intelligence elective - Imaging Partnership Education Ltd - 2019
Photography Course - Tytherington High School - 2020
Python Online Course - mimo app - 2022

Kyle Seaford - My Key Skills

Key Skills



Kyle Seaford - My Experience

The Swan inn - Kitchen porter

Kettleshulme England
May 2022 - present work

As a kitchen porter at The Swan Inn, my main responsibilities include keeping the kitchen clean and organized, washing dishes and utensils, assisting with food prep,
managing waste, and helping the kitchen team during busy times.
My role is vital in maintaining a safe and efficient kitchen environment while ensuring food safety standards are met.

Tytherington school - Work experience, IT worker

Macclesfield England
July 2022 - July 2022 work

My work experience at school was the result of a last-minute change in plans when my placement at Cevitr fell through.
Faced with a choice between the IT department and a veterinary setting, I opted for IT. During the week, I focused on learning Python and gained some exposure to HTML.
This experience reinforced my passion for technology and coding, despite the unexpected circumstances surrounding it.

Kyle Seaford - My Projects

Hobbies / Interest

2023 - present

Draw with Kyle


In 2012, I took on the challenge of creating my very first website, and I had some fantastic guidance from my dad along the way. This project marked my foray into the world of WordPress. The main goal? To showcase my love for drawing, a passion that was gaining momentum at the time. But the website wasn't just about art; it also became a space where I shared reviews of local parks and highlighted various projects I was working on. Looking back, that website captures a snapshot of my creative journey and interests during that period. It's a testament to those early days of exploring the online world and finding a way to express myself.

Dragon Fruit Games


conceived in September 2023, marked my foray into web development. While the website never saw the light of day, its creation served as my initial exposure to HTML. Admittedly, the design was far from perfect—chaotic layouts and amateurish aesthetics prevailed.
Yet, every flaw illuminated a path of improvement. What may have appeared as a subpar design became a canvas for learning. Each coding misstep transformed into a stepping stone for growth. The "shocking" appearance was, in essence, a testament to my evolving skills.
In retrospect, "Dragon Fruit Games" was more than a dormant project; it was a journey from coding novice to a more seasoned developer. The site, with all its imperfections, kindled my enduring passion for web development.

Southern sanandreas super autos from GTA5


My second venture into web development led to a visually pleasing creation, though it never made it to the public domain. This project was a recreation of the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website from GTA 5. Unlike its predecessor, this endeavor was a fusion of fun and learning.
The recreation process involved delving into the intricacies of design, aiming to capture the essence of the in-game website. Every detail, from the layout to the visual elements, was meticulously crafted to mirror the GTA 5 experience. As a result, the project became a canvas for honing my skills in HTML, CSS, and design principles.
While the website may not have seen the light of day, the journey of replicating a virtual platform into a tangible web design proved to be an engaging and enlightening experience. This endeavor, with its visual appeal and educational value, contributed significantly to my growth as a web developer.

Kyle Seaford - curriculum vitae


The current website you are browsing is my inaugural venture into publishing a website using HTML. Motivated by the desire to showcase my skills and accomplishments, I transformed my traditional CV into a dynamic and interactive online platform. This website serves as a digital representation of my professional journey.
By adapting my CV into a web format, I aimed to provide visitors with a more engaging and informative experience. It's not merely a static document but a living space that will evolve alongside my life and career. As I achieve new milestones, acquire fresh skills, or embark on exciting endeavors, this page will be updated accordingly.
So, make sure to check back periodically to stay informed about the latest developments in my professional journey. The dynamic nature of this website reflects my commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and web development.

The Swan Inn Kettleshulme


Currently, I'm developing a website upgrade for a local business. The project involves analyzing their existing site, identifying areas for improvement, and working closely with the owners to align the new design with their brand and goals. The goal is to create a modern, user-friendly website that enhances the overall online experience for visitors, whether on desktop or mobile. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!


2022 - 2023


I mined XMR coins using Linux and Windows Monero miners. Learning to mine enabled me to understand how to install Linux and use Putty to control the computer remotely using SSH. I also explored the possibility of using old mobile phones for mining; however, the Android power-saving functionality prevented mining on the phone. To overcome this obstacle, I removed the phone's operating system and installed Linux.

2023 - present


Recently, I had the opportunity to acquire a collection of 12 IBM servers, consisting of 7 M3 models, 2 M2 models, and 1 M4 model. In addition to these, I also acquired 6 HP ProLiant DL160 Generation 5 servers. Recognizing the potential value in these hardware assets, I embarked on a meticulous process to restore and refurbish them to their optimal working condition. Through my efforts, I have successfully resolved any technical issues and ensured that these servers are fully operational.

Arduino battle bots
2022 - 2023


I used Arduino Nanos to create two Bluetooth-controlled robots: Ram Bot and Wacker. Ram Bot showcased versatility, tackling various tasks and obstacle courses. Wacker, on the other hand, specialized in precise movements. These projects not only displayed my technical skills but also my passion for robotics and innovation, highlighting the creative potential of technology.

2017 - 2018


In 2017 and 2018, my family enthusiastically joined Pi-Wars at Cambridge University, a robotics competition where all robots were powered by Raspberry Pi controllers. This unique event featured non-combat challenges such as navigating mazes, precision line-following, and even robotic mini-golf. It was an invaluable experience that allowed us to showcase our technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork while exploring the exciting world of Raspberry Pi-powered robotics.